Known JavaScript issue when upgrading from 4.5.50(or older) to 4.5.53

  • Table control
  • Web service control
  • Task management control
  • Date pickers
  • Outcome control (date picker)
  • Outbound linked records
  • Linked script
  • ININ set call outcome
  • ININ reschedule call
  • External Data Source 
After upgrading to 4.5.53, the above controls will no longer work. No errors will appear, and nothing will be logged to the log files, as the JavaScript is not being rendered. We are aware of the following results through testing :
  • The table control function does not appear.
  • Task management will fail from the master script, and no data will appear. 
  • On clicking the Date Picker box, the control to pick a date will not appear. 
Similar results are expected for the rest of the items in the list, and further information and changes to resolve can be found here.