Issue: Synergy & CallScripter 4.5 Load Scrolled Part-Way Down the Page

In both Synergy and CallScripter 4.5, you may find that upon loading a particular page the browser will start scrolled down the page so that it's not at the top. This is normally due to standard browser behaviour where the page will automatically bring a "focused" input field into view.
When the page is loaded, your first input-type control, such as a Text Box or List Box, will be automatically focused so that you can type directly into it or select an option from it. If this field isn't visible in the first screen's-worth of the page, then the page will be scrolled down to bring it into view. This is often because the top of the page has large amount of Text Labels or other similar non-interactable fields.
To avoid this issue, you can either design the script so that there isn't this top-heavy layout on the page, or add a hidden field to the top of the page that will take this focus. Note that the field must be hidden using the appropriate Helper Function, and not suppressed or hidden using the control's "Hidden" option. The only visible change to the page will be a small amount of empty space at the top of the page, and functionality will remain unchanged for the agent except that they will need to click or tab into the first visible field on the page to start typing/interacting rather than being able to automatically.