Transfer to Finishing Workgroup and Wrap Up Codes: ININ Transfer control

Tranfer to Finishing Workgroup ad associated Wrap Up Codes are only configurable on outbound campaigns when the CallScripter Interactive Intelligence External Campaign Retrieval Plug-in is running.  If it is not running, no list of Finishing Workgroups and Wrap Up codes will be shown in the control's advanced page.

It should be noted when using this control that the selected Finishing Workgroups and Wrap Up Codes obtained from the dialler are stored as a text string in the field's attributes.  Changes made to Workgroup and wrap up code names on the dialler should be manually updated in scripts that use them in order that the two systems can communicate. 

Transfer to a workgroup: csCommand('transfer')


CallScripter is able to transfer to a workgroup extension only. The csCommand('transfer') expects a numeric string as a target.  In order to use this command, the workgroup must also have an associated extension number.