Shopping Basket Multiple Addresses Overview

This is a quick run through and output data of using Multiple Addresses within the Shopping Basket. The steps and output are below:
  1. The Shopping Basket Control in a Script has been set to allow "Multiple Delivery".
  2. On a script is run in the Shopping Basket there is a quantity greater than 1 of a specific product and multiple addresses have been added to the "Manage Addresses".
  3. If the agent clicks on "Open Basket" button; shown in image:
  4. The agent will see the Basket as shown in the below image. if they click on the "Split Delivery Addresses" circled in green the item quantities will no longer be grouped, but one row per item.
  5. It now appears as the below image and can have different addresses for each item.
  6. This has been run and the data from a simple report is attached as "Split Shopping Basket.csv": Shopping Basket.csv
    So in effect each item is assigned its own "copy" of the complete delivery address details by the system. The user Just links a delivery address name to an item.