Tapi Support & Diagnosis

TAPI Connectivity Diagram
The connectivity from the CS TAPI CT Provider to the end phone switch is a multi layered connection, each layer speaks to the layer above/below it.
  1. CS Agent Desktop interface in website (viewed on agent pc)
  2. CS TAPI CT Provider
  3. 3rd party TAPI library embedded within the CS TAPI CT Provider
  4. Windows TAPI interface on local PC
  5. Telephony Providers TAPI driver on local PC
  6. Phone System
Note: levels 1-5 are all interacted with on the local agent PC
Tools to support TAPI diagnosis

Generic TAPI Support Tool

General tool that confirms the Windows TAPI interface for a given TAPI Line.

File Download: http://files.callscripter.com/kb/cti/tapi line watcher.zip

Connecting to the TAPI line and verifying its configuration

  1. Open the exe inside the zip that matchs your pc bit version (LW.exe for 32bit, LW64.exe for 64bit).
  2. Under "Line" select the desired TAPI line (generally the last on the list).
  3. If you get an error message the Windows TAPI Interface settings and Phone Providers TAPI drivers need checking.
  4. If no error then click "Line Settings" to view the TAPI Interfaces settings. This will allow you to confirm the settings and that you have the right TAPI line.
Answering an inbound call
  1. Click the "Line Settings" box and enter the extension to monitor and a password if required. "OK" to close the dialogue.
  2. Place an inbound call to the extension you are monitoring and you will see the events populating in the main screen.
  3. You can answer the call by selecting it in the "Calls" window and clicking the "Answer" button.
  4. The call can be put on hold and dropped using the relevant buttons.
Making an outbound call
  1. Click the "Line Settings" box and enter the extension to monitor and a password if required. "OK" to close the dialogue.
  2. Type in the destination number in to the "Destination Number" box.
  3. Click the "MakeCall" button and the outbound call will be placed.
  4. The call can be put on hold and dropped using the relevant buttons.

Avaya Specific TAPI Support Tool

Allows you to make calls and modify Windows TAPI interface settings. This tool relies only on the Avaya TAPI driver and so any issues found by using this tool are agent pc/phone user/phone server related and not involving CallScripter.

File Download: http://files.callscripter.com/kb/helpdesk/AvayaTAPITester.exe 

Tool usage

Open the TAPI Line for use:

  1. Open the "AvayaTAPITester.exe"
  2. Click "LineInitalize"
  3. Under Choose Device select the last entry. 
  4. Use the "lineConfigDialog" button to show the windows phone manager settings and confirm that this is the right TAPI interface. If not work your way up the Device List.
    If the device you want isn't listed then the windows TAPI interface side of the line isn't installed/setup right and this is an issue on the Telephony Provider drivers side.
  5. Clicking "lineOpen" will try and connect to the TAPI line. If you see errors in the right hand corner (red box) then the windows TAPI configuration isn't correct. Otherwise it is fine.
Make Test Call
  1. Use the "lineMakeCall" button to bring up a telephone input box.
  2. Use the "lineDrop" button to hangup.
Answer Call
  1. With a call being offered select "lineAnswer" to pickup the call.
  2. Use the "lineDrop" button to hangup.
The below is ONLY relevant to LEGACY TAPI
CS TAPI Test Tool

This tool imitates the TAPI integration used with CS. It does rely on the Windows TAPI interface being correct however, which can be confirmed using the Generic TAPI Support Tool.
Like the main TAPI Integration the tool will only work with Internet Explorer.

A copy of the relevant TAPI test tool website is installed on to the agents PC as part of the CS TAPI driver. It can be run by following the below instructions.

  1. Start Menu
  2. Programs (All Programs)
  3. CallScripter
  4. CallScripter TAPI Interface Test (or similar depending upon version)
  5. The tool will open as a webpage and you will have to allow the Active-X components to run (yellow bar will appear in the IE window) each time you launch the test tool webpage.
  6. You will also need to click "Yes" to allow unsafe active-X components to interact with your PC for this browser session.
To use the tool you will need to open (connect) to a TAPI line and then interact with this.
  1. On the drop down under "Open Line" select your TAPI Interface Line.
  2. Click "Open"
  3. You will see in the "Log" window the events of connecting to the TAPI interface and all events that are broadcast over that TAPI interface (calls being offered & answered, calls being made, etc).
  4. You can now use the Phone interaction buttons to answer a call offered to your TAPI Line (telephone extension) or to place new calls.