Collecting errors and warnings from the browser console

When trying to diagnose why a page isn't loading or doesn't look right, for example, functionality is missing, the page isn't rendering correctly, buttons not working etc., it is a good idea to check the browser's developer console. This will show the full error and also show where it is happening.
To open the developer console, perform the following steps (provided Group Policy allows the console to be opened):
  • Make the browser your active window by left-clicking on it
  • Open the tab with the page that you want to get the error from
  • Press F12
  • At the top, there is a "Console" tab, press this to open the developer console
If there is an error with the page, you will most likely find an error coloured in red, it looks something like this:
You may find there are warnings instead of errors in the console, these are usually not as severe as errors, they will look something like this:
Just like errors, you can copy and paste these messages into a ticket to report the error/warning to the application developer.