First Contact Checklist

Before logging a ticket with the CallScripter Helpdesk, it is recommended that the following checks and considerations are made. Including this information when the ticket is initially logged will assist the CallScripter Support team in diagnosing the issue and should reduce requests from the Support team for further clarification on Support tickets.

When did the issue start?

This information can help to identify if the issue is due to a change made to the application or environment, and will also make it easier to check for errors being logged within the application. It may not always be possible to give an exact start time for an issue, if this is the case an estimated start time is still helpful.

Within which module of the application does the issue occur?

Does the issue occur in the Script Editor? The Agent Desktop? During a script run? Understanding where the issue occurs will help the Support team in diagnosing your issue.

Is the issue intermittent?

Is the issue constant, or intermittent? And if it's intermittent, when does it occur? Is there a pattern, or does it occur at the same time as something else? This will help the Support team identify possible causes of the issue.

Is the issue affecting all users and all machines/PCs?

If an issue is only affecting one user or machine, this is likely to be related to the settings for that user or machine rather than the CallScripter application.

If known, please provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue

Important for intermittent issues, also this could help identify the cause of the issue.


If available, include relevant screenshots of the issue

Often a screenshot will give a clear idea of what is happening within the application, for intermittent issues this is particularly important as the Support team may struggle to replicate the issue.


Which CallScripter product is affected, CallScripter 4.5 or Synergy?

Please refer to the User Guide and Knowledge Base for the affected product prior to logging a ticket


Check the application error logs for the period when the error occurred, please also attach these logs to the ticket

Logging within the application varies depending on the CallScripter product being used, the below links will assist in accessing these log files.

Have any changes to the environment been made recently?

Examples could include:

  • Windows Updates
  • Changes to a third party application integrated with CallScripter 4.5 or Synergy

CallScripter 4.5 Only - Are the Internet Explorer settings correct as per the CallScripter 4.5 User Guide?

CallScripter 4.5 is designed and tested to operate only within the Internet Explorer browser and using the settings specified within the User Guide. If the issue still occurs once the correct IE settings have been applied please log a Support ticket