CallScripter Project Process

Project Process
The above document is the current project process used by the CallScripter Professional Services department, this approach is inspired by the Agile DSDM framework.
New Project Checklist
The checklist that can be downloaded from the above location, can be used to find out relevant information from a customer when initiating a new project. This document is one of the steps in the overall project process.
This document covers different project types including
  • Script Building
  • New Installation
  • Upgrades
This means that not all sections of the document will be relevant for each customer/project. This is not intended to be a complete list of all the questions that you should ask a customer when beginning a project, instead it is the questions that generally need to be answered and is a good way to start the conversation between the project team and the customer so that the customer's requirements/needs can be fully understood as early as possible.