All about upgrades

Can I upgrade my CallScripter software?

Yes, but we'll need to help you.  CallScripter 4.5.26 (October 2013) and later is upgrade friendly, but should only be carried out by our Professional Services Team. Customers on older versions of CallScripter 4.5 will require a manual upgrade.  Ideally, we would like you to keep your software up to date, i.e., within 12 months of the latest release.

When can I have an upgrade?

CallScripter are constantly creating extra functionality to meet the requirements of our customers. We have a monthly build cycle and publish the content of these build releases on our website:  Release Notes

Should you wish to request an upgrade, please log your request with the helpdesk, but please be aware that we have a two week lead time for starting your upgrade and this can be longer during busy periods.

As new functionality is developed, the client PC, server software and hardware requirements for the system may change.  Please see for the latest specification.

What if I've already had an upgrade this year but really want a new feature?

We can carry out further upgrades within a year of your last upgrade, however there will be a charge to cover costs.

What if I've already had an upgrade this year, but am experiencing a problem with my software which has been fixed in a later release?

In order to remedy a business-critical fault, further upgrades may be carried out on your behalf by our professional services team, under the terms of your support and maintenance contract.  Such upgrades reset the date for your next annual upgrade.  

How long will the Upgrade take?

Once your request has been logged via the helpdesk, your upgrade will be scheduled in.  The process takes up to four weeks from start to end.  The time taken depends on a number of factors including, how old the version to be upgrade is, whether the system has any bespoke customisations, if your call centre is in 24 hour operation.  Customers on CallScripter v 4.5.26 and latercan expect a much faster turn around.  The general schedule is as follows:
  • Week one, upgrade
  • Week two, customer testing
  • week three, review and repair/reinstate,
  • week four, live upgrade (repeat process)
Will my customisations still work?

Where possible, we try to re-instate all customisations as part of the upgrade process.  Sometimes, the underlying technology becomes obsolete requiring that the customisations are re-written.  Where this is the case, a small charge may be levied to cover costs of re-writing non standard functionality.