Hide a tick box in Advanced Lookup


Hide a tick box in Advanced Lookup


Adv = getCSObject([ADVANCED LOOKUP NAME]).name.replace('F','ifAL');
trs = eval('window.frames.' + Adv + '.document.getElementsByTagName("td")');
for (var i=1; i<trs.length; i=i+NUMBER OF COLUMNS) 

Replace the ADVANCED LOOKUP NAME with the name of the Advanced Lookup control
Replace the NUMBER OF COLUMNS with the number of columns you are displaying and add 1 to it. 
So if I am displaying 6 columns then replace that with 7 
Additional Note:
This may be adapted as follows to hide different columns as required

as in the code snippet from a Calculate field below ....

/*Advanced Lookup is the name of the Advanced Lookup

 the increment is 2 more than the number of columns displayed i.e. 5 in this case (SQL statement is select Id,Name,Description from tbl_Scripts with (nolock) )
 (this allows for a checkbox column and an internal row Id column in addition to those selected)
 the Id column always counts as it shows whether you select to display it in the list or not

The code can be adapted to hide different columns by changing the start value i as this refers to the column you wish to hide
i=0 will hide the checkbox, i=1 will hide the id, i=2 will hide theName, i=3 will hide the Description 

Adv = getCSObject([Advanced Lookup]).name.replace('F','ifAL');

tableCells = eval('window.frames.' + Adv + '.document.getElementsByTagName("td")');

//loops in increments of the number of cells until the next occurrence of the cell to be hidden
for (var i=1; i<tableCells.length; i=i+5){