Cross Script Report Scheduler Limitation

You receive the below error when trying to schedule a Cross Script Report via the Report Scheduler.
          "The customer you selected has no reports. Please create a report before adding a report schedule"
A cross script report, when scheduled, will suffer complications in many of its possible configurations. These configurations include when the report spans two campaigns or the report includes inbound and outbound sessions. 
When adding reports to the Report Scheduler it checks against these possible complications and so throws an error as a Cross Script Report may have them present. For this reason, we are unable to fix the issue.
In previous product versions, these complications were not checked for and so you were able to schedule Cross Script Reports. These may or may not have suffered issues at run time.
Alternative/Work Around
There are 2 alternative/work arounds:
  1. It's still possible to run a manual cross script report for ad-hoc data queries. 
  2. Alternatively, the CallScripter support desk can assist in manually adding the schedule should the Cross Script Report appear to be suitable.
    As this is a workaround the outcome of this method is not covered by our core product support.