CallScripter Helpdesk Service Level Definitions


  1. Introduction
  2. Prior to Contacting the Helpdesk
  3. Your Responsibilities
  4. Contacting the Helpdesk
  5. Logging Queries
  6. Out of Hours 24/7 Support
  7. What's Included
  8. What's Not Included
  9. Problem Responses and Resolution Times
  10. Charges
  11. Complaints


The CallScripter Helpdesk acts as a single point of contact providing a high level of service to customers.  This document should be used in conjunction with the Support Agreement for CallScripter Software.

Prior to Contacting the Helpdesk

Before you contact the Helpdesk please thoroughly review all product information, including training manuals where provided.  Ensure you have taken all reasonable steps to confirm the issue relates to CallScripter or one of its supported third-party suppliers, and not to your own server or network (environment) problems.

Your Responsibilities

To ensure your issue is resolved as quickly as possible please review the following list to ensure you are aware of and have followed the customer responsibilities:
You must:
  • Have a signed support contract with CallScripter,
  • Have  a complete technical understanding of your own contact centre infrastructure,
  • Be able to specify the name/module of the CallScripter product you are using and the version number,
  • Be adequately trained to use CallScripter,
  • Be able to provide an accurate description of the issue and its business impact,
  • Report each issue separately so they can be individually tracked,
  • Be willing to help, support and co-operate with the support engineer.

Contacting the Helpdesk

The CallScripter Helpdesk can be reached via:
Phone (UK): 0844 544 8882
Phone (US): 001 646 217 3079
Phone (World): +44 (0)1473 673994
The CallScripter Helpdesk is staffed by technical support engineers between 09:00 and 17:00hrs (UK time), Monday to Friday (UK time - UTC/BST).
Tickets logged in the CallScripter Helpdesk will be queued to Helpdesk Operators, and dealt with by the first available agent.  Please note, tickets will only be read during CallScripter Helpdesk hours, and handled as per the response times detailed later in this article.

Logging Queries

When logging a query, please ensure you include:
  • Your contact name and phone number,
  • Your company name,
  • An overview of the problem,
  • Who is affected (one person, the entire contact centre),
  • How long has there been a problem,
  • Any error message details (including screen shots if possible).
Please ensure if you are logging a number of issues, these are raised as individual tickets.  This will help track and monitor progress, and enable us to respond more effectively to your requests for help.

Out of Hours 24/7 Support

If you have cover outside standard support hours phone calls will be diverted to our 24 hour helpdesk facility where your fault will be logged, a reference number issued, and the fault passed onto an on-call support engineer. 
If the fault is not defined as ‘critical’, no action will be taken until the next working day.  If a reported fault is proven to have not been caused by CallScripter, a charge will be made for the time spent on the issue as defined in the Charges section.
If the fault is defined as critical, then an engineer will be in contact as soon as possible. If a reported fault is proven to have not been caused by CallScripter, a charge will be made for the time spent on the issue as defined in the Charges section.
Where applicable, out of hours support charges will be charged as per the CallScripter price list.  It will not always be possible to confirm charges before work commences.

What’s Included Under Support

  • Fault logging and resolution for controls written and provided by CallScripter,
  • Fault logging for existing third-party applications provided by CallScripter.  CallScripter will use reasonable endeavours to assist in resolving a problem caused by the third-party application in direct relation to the function of CallScripter,
  • Bug fixes for scripts built by CallScripter post implementation.

What’s Not Included Under Support

  • Faults in scripts and reports that were not built by CallScripter,
  • Faults in scripts and reports that were built by CallScripter, but found to be a result of changes made by anyone other than CallScripter technical or support staff,
  • Communication with customers or third-party associates of the customer holding a valid CallScripter License Support Agreement,
  • Providing script and report-building tuition (please contact the Training & Education Department),
  • Performing data archiving or maintenance beyond the scope of the CallScripter License Support Agreement,
  • Requests for additional functionality in existing Scripts,
  • Control modifications, bespoke functionality, and requests for new third-party integrations,
  • Changes and amendments to third-party integrations,
  • Hardware support,
  • EasyScripter application support (This will be provided by Interactive Intelligence),
  • Server migration / upgrades.
Charges will apply based on an agreed Statement of Work (SOW).  In all instances of chargeable work, a minimum of 2 hours will be billed unless otherwise agreed.

Problem Responses and Resolution Times

Once an issue is logged with the CallScripter Helpdesk, it will be assigned a status (Critical, Major, Normal, Minor).  This status is determined by CallScripter, and cannot be altered without agreement from the CallScripter Helpdesk.
In all instances, the customer is required to provide all necessary support as directed by CallScripter to assist in resolving the problem.
Status Description Response Time
(once the problem is logged with the helpdesk)
Critical Causing critical operational failure.

All elements of CallScripter and associated software are failing to work.
CallScripter will use reasonable endeavours to have a support engineer initially respond by telephone:

Standard Support Hours: 15 mins
Out of Hours: 30 mins
Major Causing major operational issues, affecting the entire contact centre (for example, a critical report failing to run).
CallScripter will use reasonable endeavours to have a support engineer initially respond by telephone:
Standard Support Hours: 60 mins
Out of Hours: 60 mins
Normal A temporary workaround exists for the problem.

Usually affecting an individual or a small number of PCs, or the problem is not covered by one of the higher/lower statuses.
CallScripter will use reasonable endeavours to have a support engineer initially respond/start investigating within 2 hours during Standard Support Hours
Minor A problem where there is some incorrect behaviour, but a simple workaround is available. CallScripter will use reasonable endeavours to have a support engineer initially  respond/start investigating to a Minor error by the close of the next business day.
Enhancement Introducing a new feature, or changing the way something works. This work will be chargeable. Delivery times to be agreed once specification defined and accepted.


In all instances of CallScripter Helpdesk work, the following terms apply:
  • Work is deemed chargeable by CallScripter based on information, conversations and facts gathered as part of the problem solving process.
  • Chargeable work is determined as a result of an issue not relating to a fault within the CallScripter software.
  • Work and investigations that arise from changes to the server, network and client environments will be chargeable.
  • Any dispute arising from such issues will be subject to the complaints decision.  The final decision will rest with CallScripter.
For an up-to-date price list please contact CallScripter.
In all instances, the time taken by CallScripter to initially identify whether an issue is believed to be the result of a fault within the CallScripter application shall not be billable, unless the cause is identified to be environmental changes outside of CallScripter 's control that the customer failed to take reasonable steps to identify.


Should you believe your query has not been satisfactorily resolved the following process can be used to log a complaint.